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7 . 12 . 2020

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A2SC Occupies Terrace Inn

June 2018

For Some 2-Wheeled Skiing


State of the Club

The Ann Arbor Ski Club
has suspended all club activities
(except virtual ones)
until further notice.

Latest COVID information from the State of Michigan

No Approved  2020-2021 Ski Trips

...For Now

The BOD  disapproved trips proposed by the Ski Trips Committee on the grounds that it was too great a risk at this time.

The Trip Planning Committee and BOD still hope to put together a Schuss Instructional trip, one to Terrace Inn, and one or more Out West.

They plan on revisiting the issue in August or September when we'll be closer to prospective travel dates. And, we'll be further along in the world's response to the Covid pandemic.

Membership Year Extended

  • The club's Board of Directors elected to extend current memberships until 31-AUG-2020.
  • The membership fee for the 2020 - 2021 season has not been set.
  • Membership renewal will not begin until after 1-AUG-2020.


Next August

Trips !

Ski Trip's are on hold until late Summer or early Fall.  The September bike trip is on the calendar and taking applications.  See below.

This trip IS open for sign-ups.

Bayshore Resort

Leelanau Peninsula

September 18 - 20

Still on the Calendar!

The trip leaders thank you for your understanding.

Up North  Late Summer Weekend Bike Trip
Hosted by:  Joe Knopp and Bonnie Marsalese

To get on the list click through to the event

Download, fill out, and send in your application with a check.

The check will be held until closer to the event.  If the bike trip happens your check will get cashed.  If not, the check gets destroyed. 

It's the simplest procedure for these uncertain times.


Joe Knopp is also on the Board and is Chairman of the Alternative Trips Committee


Around Town

Not-Now-Kapow !

This Month is Cancelled!

Coronavirus Page

at the National Center for Disease Control (CDC).

They have a self-checker.


Member News & Tips

Taken from the
Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative

These concrete structures were found during trail construction on the Dexter-Chelsea segment of the B2B. They are foundations for the water tower that powered local railroad engines. The water was taken from 4 Mile Lake and stored in the water tower, which was used to power steam engines.

This section of the railroad was unique in that it featured a belly loading on the fly "track pan," which allowed steam engines to load the water without having to stop. This was much more efficient than stopping to pick up water, allowing the train to carry less water and more payload.

Man-made and natural features are a part of what makes this path through our county so special.  It takes a community of stewards to keep the Border-to-Border Trail clean and beautiful. Help keep these structures graffiti and litter free for everyone to enjoy.

As ever an excellent presentation on the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative.

HWPI Newsletter
Vol 6.06

The last track pan on the NY Central was removed from Lawton, Michigan in 1954.

Englishman John Ramsbottom invented the trough feeder or track pan.   

Is there a Bevis in the house?

Masks are Required

Jackie Kilburn sent us this news...

Friday July 18
8-11 pm

$5.00 cover

the parking lot
The Zal Outback

Cosa Sabrosa will be open in the front parking lot.  Tables will be available in the front parking lot for dining. 

Customer parking is behind the Zal and at the (closed) car dealership.  The dealership has a driveway to the south of the building. 

After you park, enter the front of the building to pay $5.00 admission and for a temperature and mask check. 

Masks are required, except when seated at tables with social companions.  Temperatures of 100.4 or less.

Go to the bar for your drinks and exit from the side door to the back parking lot.  Draft beer and wine may be available outside.  Maintain social distancing while waiting for your drinks and temperature checks.

Dance at your table or designated dancing spaces.  Remember proper social distancing. 

Cancelled if it is raining.

More Information on Live Music at Zal Outback

Coming to us via Salmagundi and A2SC member Karl Diez.

Attendees may dance on the large floor or at their amply-spaced tables,  (18’x14’). 

Masks are required unless you are seated at a table.  All the tables are in shade, (beginning at 7:30 as confirmed by Karl.  

Only 60 people are allowed in controlled area, which is 50% capacity.

The band will broadcast the show on an FM frequency powered strong enough to be received throughout the venue parking.  

Come and listen on your car radio for extra social distancing, or if sold out.

The inside restrooms will be open. 

The restaurant next door, Holiday’s, has offered their parking lot for additional parking if needed.  Parking should not be an issue.

Back in my day!

Photo Credit: Stan Mardeusz

...um...we all ate mushrooms?

WTW !?

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