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Socializing on and off the slopes since 1954!

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Ann Arbor Ski Club


We're a sports, social, and skiers society that organizes group travel and events.  We specialize in Downhill and Cross-Country ski trips Out West and Up North.

Yet, many A2SC members don't ski at all and join our club for the Un-Ski trips-- kayaking, biking, and golf.

Plus, skiers and non-skiers in our club share an interest in socializingWe do that too!

If you've been here before you probably know what to do.  If you're new, I suggest you start with the Slide Show, and our Calendar, then drill down into Trips or Events & Activities.

Welcome aboard.  Hope you find enough to stick around for awhile.

To the Slopes and Beyond!
Todd Newman
President, Ann Arbor Ski Club

Constitution and Bylaws

A copy of the current Constitution and By-Laws is available here.  Please read and commit to memory.  (There will be a quiz)

We're about 350 members with an additional 600 friends on our contacts list.  You must be age 21 or over to join, but if not you can attend trips and events when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A2SC is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.

In a Typical Year We Arrange and Deliver


DurationTrips or Events 

2 - 4


Out-West Downhill Trips

3 - 5


Up-North Downhill and Cross-Country Trips

2 - 3


Bike, Golf, or Kayak Trips

8 - 10

Thu Eve
Sep - Apr 

General Meetings

With Extra Whoop-di-doo at
3 GMs; Halloween, Christmas, and Aloha Party



August Corn Roast



 per week


About-Town Social Events 

Including bike rides, movie nights, festivals, golf, and more


We hold as many events and trips as members are willing to organize and lead.

There's plenty of support when you do.
Let us know if you'd like to lead an event or trip.

A2SC By The Numbers

Full Benefit
 321 418 806 1879

Full Benefit Members join the club that originated in 1954.   Some are also Meetup and/or Facebook members.  And, as you can see some people join A2SC in a more modern way without getting the full benefits of traditional club membership.

The Full Benefit Year starts on May 1.  May 1 through the Corn Roast on the last Sunday in August is our renewal season.

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Ann Arbor Ski Club
P.O. Box 3258
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

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